Speaker: Rev. John Morehouse

Towards a Culture of Generosity

Generosity goes far beyond giving money. Fully embraced, generosity is a spiritual practice, as important as mindful breathing. In this service we will examine the power of generosity. We will also be recognizing our Partner Church Program.

Music: MLUC Choir

Hallowed Journey

The journey of our lives can reveal great wisdom if we learn to trust in one another. Each life is hallowed when dedicated to the common good.

Music: Liz Bligan

Facing History Honestly

We are proud of our heritage as religious liberals. And yet, there is history which should give us pause and spur us on to a greater future.

Music: Tina Adams, Wolfgang Jaeger, piano

What is ours to do?

Rev. John Morehouse

There is a line in one of our most beloved hymns which says “What they dreamed be ours to do” What is our calling in these liminal times when so much seems so uncertain? Rev. John will … read more.

Welcome to the Journey

Rev. John Morehouse

Our congregation is embarking on a journey of transformation. What does that mean and how can it change our individual lives for the better?

Music: Danton Arlotto