The First Thanksgiving

The real history of the first Thanksgiving deviates sharply from the rosy image many of us grew up with. We’ll look at that history as realistically as possible, with an eye on what we can learn from this history lesson.

Music: Hope Linton, violin Wendy Schmid, … read more.

What We Do Best

I will describe what I believe MLUC does best as a church (sorry, I won’t give it away beforehand).

Music: Keith Herron, Trumpet

The Unitarians Won!

As reliable as Christmas itself, we once again hear accusations from the Religious Right of a “war on Christmas.” Fortunately, that war has been fought and won … by Unitarians!

Cracking Another Shell

Hatching is an apt metaphor for going through a transition, whether as an individual, a society., or a congregation. As you and I face our transition together, let’s take note of the traits needed for a successful hatching.

Be Still

We tend to define ourselves and our lives by all the things we do. (And certainly there is much that needs doing.) But the dark and quiet of winter invite us to an alternative experience. Even as we feel the pull toward action, we can … read more.