The Art of the Apology

On this Jewish Day of Atonement, we will explore the most effective way to atone for our mistakes — apologizing.

Music: Liz and Carl Bligan, guitar and vocals

Nevertheless, She Persisted

The centennial of women’s suffrage is an occasion to look back for inspiration in order to look ahead with hope and courage.A special guest appearance by suffragist Carrie Chapman Catt.


Music: Justin Solonynka, piano


Ain’t That a Shame

The Biblical story of Adam & Eve provides a lens to examine one of life’s most excruciating emotions. We’ll discuss shame’s origins, some of the fig leaves we use to cover it, and how to heal it.

Not Hell, But Hope and Courage

“Give them not Hell, but hope and courage” is a famous quotation from early Universalist minister John Murray (although it seems likely he never actually said it). So often we assume our success must come at the cost of another’s failure, but true generosity of … read more.

The Politicizing of Shame

In this sequel to my prevous sermon, we’ll look at how shame is being weaponized in the public sphere. When we shame our opponents, we may win the battle, but we lose the war.