***While the church building
is closed,
faith development groups
for children & youth
will meet via Zoom!***

We are experimenting to find the format that will work best for families.  

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We offer faith development classes for children on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m., year round. Children are grouped by age from September through May, and classes are held “one-room schoolhouse” style from June through August. Our faith development programs seek to:

  • Develop Unitarian Universalists who are fully functioning religious beings engaged in honest dialogue, lifelong learning, and exploration of self and world
  • Sustain strong families and create multigenerational relationships that value all
  • Invite and promote questioning, curiosity, and religious freedom

Changes are occasionally made on Sundays to accommodate the population in attendance. Subscribe to E-Notes to hear about updates or changes.

Rev. Neal Jones shares a Story for All Ages during Sunday service.

Each Sunday service includes a Story for All Ages, when teachers, children, and families are together with the rest of the community for a portion of our Sunday worship in the sanctuary. This is a special time when younger members of our community are brought into the circle of those gathered to worship in the manner of Unitarian Universalist congregations—becoming familiar with the traditions and rituals of our faith. We encourage families to bring children to a Story for All Ages at an early age. The Our Whole Lives class for 8th & 9th graders begins in their classroom (not the Story for All Ages) to allow time for the demanding content of this course.

Children are welcome to use activity packets (found outside the sanctuary doors) to keep hands busy and minds alert. Nursery care is available for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers during this time. After a Story for All Ages, the congregation sings to the teachers and children as they depart for their classes.

Families may submit a registration form either online or in paper form:

Faith Development Registration Form 2019-2020 (Registration now open!)

Background Check Instructions

We Celebrate Children (Parents and Members, please read!)

2019-20 Children’s Faith Development Calendar

On the second Sunday of most months, Kindergarteners – 7th graders gather for a Faith in Action program. Each month’s program will coordinate with a social action program of the larger church, offering an opportunity for our children to learn about the justice issues we feel are important, and in some cases, take part in an action opportunity related to those issues.

On all other Sundays (except on a few special Sundays when we have Multigenerational Worship—during these Sundays families stay together in the sanctuary throughout the service) regular classes as described below meet! Check E-Notes for schedule changes.

2019-20 Children’s Faith Development Curricula

Pre-K (3 & 4 Year Olds)

Celebrating Me & My World

This class celebrates the wondrous qualities children experience in themselves and expands outward to the things and people around them.  Children are included in church as a place of belonging and enjoying through simple rituals such as a sharing circle, story time, exploring, and closing which are repeated each week. This class is taught by Chelsea Brown, our paid Pre-K teacher and Childcare Coordinator each week.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Spirit Play Stories of Heroic Leaders (Sept – Dec and Mar – May)

Based on the work of Maria Montessori and Jerome Berryman, UU religious educators have adapted their ideas into a unique learning environment called Spirit Play. Each session is based around a shared story which introduces and inspiring person who has worked for justice and peace. Through story, our children develop an underlying sense of the spiritual and the mystery of life. Wondering questions and hands-on exploration encourage independent thinking. This class is taught by a team of teachers from the congregation.

K-1 Our Whole Lives (Jan – Feb)

This 9 week program supports parents in educating children about birth, babies, bodies and families. Following a Parent Meeting and Parent/Child Orientation, the sessions engage children with stories, songs and activities and include a weekly HomeLink – a homework project for parents and children to do together. Promotes dialogue between parent and child. This class is taught by a team of trained teachers from the congregation.


2nd and 3rd Grade

We’re On Our Way (Sept – Oct and Dec – May)

This class will explore many of the ways we can be different from each other, and how to be fair to everyone. Experiential learning and active engagement are key! This class is taught by a team of teachers from the congregation.

Stepping Stone Program (Oct – Nov)

Young people at the “age of reason” are invited to learn about our Unitarian Universalist history, heritage and identity. In this 6 week program, they work together to create a class plaque with the Clay Lady, and prepare a presentation to share with the congregation in a worship service, affirming their faith journeys as young Unitarian Universalists.

4th and 5th Grade


Holidays and Holy Days (Sept – Dec and Apr – May)

Based on a beloved curriculum of yore, this class will learn about the celebrations and core beliefs of many different religions and cultures with respect and an anti-oppression lens. This class is taught by a team of teachers from the congregation.

4-5 Our Whole Lives (Jan – Mar)

This 11-week program is designed to help children to gain the knowledge, life principles, and skills they need to understand and express their sexuality in holistic, life-enhancing ways. The revised edition includes new topics such as body image, social media/Internet, and consent; as well as an updated and deeper exploration of gender identity and roles. This class is taught by a team of trained teachers from the congregation.

6th and 7th Grade
Neighboring Faiths
This class will learn about a variety of faith traditions and the ways their religious paths differ from our own. Study of each religion will include a classroom Sunday, a visit to a local congregation or group, and a chance to reflect on how what was experienced on that visit can inform our own UU faith journeys.  This class is taught by a team of teachers from the congregation.

8th and 9th Grade

Our Whole Lives (OWL)

This full-year, comprehensive, faith-based sexuality education program provides accurate, developmentally appropriate information about a range of topics, including relationships, gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual health, and cultural influences on sexuality. Youth are expected to attend each weekly class. This program requires a high level of commitment by parents and youth. OWL does not attend a Time for All Ages. This class is taught by a team of trained teachers from the congregation.

Interested in evening Youth Groups for Grades 6-12?
View our Youth page for details.

Childcare on Sundays

Nursery care is available on Sundays for babies and toddlers. We encourage families to bring children to as much of our time together in the Main Meeting Room as possible, but children in Pre-K are also welcome in the nursery during a Story for All Ages and Multigenerational Worship. Contact childcare@mluc.org.