A Green Sanctuary is a Congregation that has received official recognition from the Unitarian Universalist Association for completing the Green Sanctuary Program. Lives out its commitment to the Earth by creating sustainable lifestyles for its members as individuals and as a faith community.

MLUC is committed to creating a religious community that has a fundamental, bottom-line, commitment to living in harmony with the Earth.

Learn what you can do with other UUs to promote climate justice. Visit Commit2Respond.org

Green Stripers

Since our church was designated a “Green Sanctuary” by the UUA Ministry for Earth in 2003, we have looked for ways to help save the Earth’s resources while saving money as well.

MLUC Member, Mary Kane, as a part of the ECO/Green Sanctuary group, decided to make three or four aprons from green striped materials for volunteers to wear, and asked people to cover one coffee hour a month putting out the reusable ceramic cups every Sunday for both services and washing them afterwards. Thus the Green Stripers were established and have saved the church thousands of dollars in paper and plastic products.

We hope to continue our mission of saving the Earth’s resources in every area of the church – and by extension – making people aware and encouraging them to use “reusable” items at home and elsewhere. Contact Mary Kane if you’d like to be a part of this group. You’ll receive free coffee for your efforts!

Climate Action Teams

A Climate Action Team is a group working in their congregation and community specifically to combat climate change and its negative impacts. A Team keeps its congregation aware of current climate change issues and generates involvement in efforts to mitigate climate change. Choose suggested activities and use existing programs and resources, or make up your own! Join the MLUC Climate Action Team, a part of the MLUC Green Sanctuary Program, by emailing .

Mission Statement

The mission of Green Sanctuary at MLUC is to explore what it means to live within a religious community on an imperiled Earth, and join in efforts, both symbolic and explicit, to becoming stewards of the Earth.

Following guidelines originally set down by the Unitarian Universalist Ministry For Earth, our mission has been to provide information to the congregation and the nearby community about dangerous challenges to our precious Earth’s air, water, and land. We have done this through speakers, videos, and workshops, as well as outreach events with local organizations and places of worship.

Our goals are to increase awareness of environmental issues, deepen the connection between spiritual practice and earthly realities, encourage personal lifestyle change, increase community action on our “Seventh Principle” issues, and work to heal environmental injustices.


The ECO group (Earth Concerns Organization) was founded at MLUC in 1990. They started raising awareness of recycling and composting, and created a play about the “Death of the Earth” with Chief Seattle speaking in the cosmos to all the endangered animals. They offered a course in “Deep Ecology.”

In 2003, the group evolved into Green Sanctuary as the congregration earned that designation from the UUA. EarthFest was the huge outreach to the community that year, with 83 groups presenting exhibits on topics such as Community Sponsored Agriculture, Zoo on Wheels, Solar Model houses, and new hybrid cars, among others.

For three years, MLUC teamed up with other churches for the annual Wayne Memorial Day Parade to demonstrate being green.

All-church service events often take an environmental theme, such as planting trees and cleaning streams.

In 2012, Green Sanctuary offered an adult religious education course, “Our Place in the Web of Life,” as part of the church’s Pathway of Spiritual Maturity.

Recently, Green Sanctuary has hosted forums on Marcellus Shale and fracking, and even had a presentation on Green Burials.