At MLUC we strive to live our faith by creating a caring community that supports spiritual growth, and helps each of us live more fulfilled lives through our actions to create a more just, compassionate, and equitable world.

What Our Members Say:


“MLUC made me a better parent” and “MLUC made my kids better people”

“MLUC has made me a more complete person .. added children to my life when I had no sons or daughters … connected to me with seniors after my parents had passed … gave me new friends when I had to leave my old ones behind”

“I know that my 26 year old daughter has firm ground beneath her feet due to MLUC church school, OWL and YRUU”

“MLUC has given me a deeper understanding of social justice and opportunities to work for social justice issues”

“Sharing our offering money with community organizations has made a difference”

“MLUC has sent out generations of good people to change the world”

“MLUC has helped my artistic nature”

“I am transformed by singing in the choir”

“MLUC gives me a caring community”

I consider myself a spiritual person but I’ve always had a healthy scepticism for organized religion. Disappointment with other churches had made me a bit cynical. I had kinda lost my faith in the communal church experience… but for some reason I kept coming back … read more.

Steven Whitt

This Morning many of us gathered in the Main Meeting Room to honor a member, Don Smith, who passed away earlier this Summer. The service was overseen by long time member and now UU Minister Andrew Weber, Andrew’s parents Barbara and Frank were also in … read more.

Jay Wiley

I am thankful for all of the many moments I have had over this past year that reaffirmed my love of this faith. …I would not be who I am or doing what I am doing without the loving, understanding, accepting, and motivating community that … read more.

Vaughn Hillman

What Our Partners Say:


The Darby Creek Valley Association is so grateful for the generous support of Main Line Unitarian Church, located in the upper watershed in Devon, PA. The church has an Environmental Justice team that has supported several projects by sending volunteers to tree plantings, trash clean ups, and rain garden installations.  In addition, DCVA was chosen as the church’s Offering Outreach recipient for the month of May.

Thank you, MLUC, for your generosity, enthusiasm for service, and sharing our vision for a cleaner and more beautiful watershed!

– Darby Creek Valley Association