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As a follower of the ancient Chinese Scripture, the Tao Te Ching, I believe that change, not stasis, is the fundamental building block of our existence, and that doing the work of embracing change is the way to serenity and effectiveness in life. 2020 certainly … read more.

Dare to Imagine

Women and men who shaped the modern day freedom movement aimed to create the Beloved Community. They dared to imagine themselves in the grip of a Grand Purpose. They held fast to this dream despite periods of disappointment, depression and dangerous opposition. The upcoming Martin … read more.

Transitions & Transformations

Our invited guest, the Reverend Doctor Nathan C, Walker is the community minister for religion and public life at the Church of the Larger Fellowship, executive director of 1791 Delegates, and the author of five books. He completed a research fellowship at Harvard, received his … read more.