We are ALL Pastoral Associates.

All members of the congregation are considered Pastoral Associates. As members of this faith community, we are each given the privilege of working collaboratively to care for one another. The Parish Nurse, in partnership with the minister helps to facilitate communication about individual needs for this type of assistance. Each member is then able to discern where and when they can offer help – even if only for one time. This care encompasses providing a listening ear and friendship when members are going through difficult times in their lives. Each member of this community is also encouraged to respond to specific requests for help such as those listed below:

  • Visit or call those who are homebound, live in a care facility, or are in the hospital or a rehabilitation facility.
  • Offer transportation to those who can no longer drive
  • Run an errand; pick up food or supplies as needed
  • Drop off a meal
  • Support and encourage caregivers Emails, phone calls and web tools will be used to inform members about opportunities to respond to requests for help.

Pastoral Care Team

In times of uncertainty and change, our ministry to each other is invaluable. In years past, there was a team of MLUC members engaged in pastoral care. Once again, there is a need to organize for this work. Pastoral Care Team members offer support to the MLUC community by identifying, assisting, and/or referring those with physical, mental, or emotional needs. Pastoral Care Team members will assist Parish Nurse Anne Baer Clark in providing help and understanding to those who are going through difficult times or life-changing challenges. Personal information is kept confidential. Contact Anne Baer Clark with requests for help, suggestions, questions about our work or to volunteer.