Unitarian Universalist churches practice congregational polity. Our religion is a community of autonomous churches; each congregation elects its own leaders, determines their own membership, selects their own clergy, and pays their own way.

MLUC is run by a ministry team, which is led by our Senior Minister, and a governance team, which is led by the Board of Trustees (BOT). The board is charged with establishing the long term vision of where our church should be headed and then charges the ministry team with the responsibility for pursuing that vision by creating and running the church’s programs.

The BOT operates primarily by creating policies which provide direction and constraints for the ministry team. They create subcommittees, such as the Committee on Ministry Health, to help them assess how the church is doing. The congregation also directly elects a Nominating Committee which is responsible for identifying candidates for the board of trustees, and the nominating committee itself, and recommending them to the congregation.