UURJ (UUs for Reproductive Justice) at MLUC.


Reproductive Justice is the right:

  • to have or not have children
  • to raise your children in a safe and healthy environment
  • and to express your sexuality without fear of oppression**

Many people do not have these most basic of human rights.

Reproductive Justice addresses these inequities and believes these rights should not be determined by your race, religion, gender, income or sexuality. Reproductive Justice is more at risk now (2023) than it’s ever been since the 1970s because of the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in June 2022 and allow states to implement their own policies. Abortion bans are being legislated and access to reproductive healthcare is being diminished. The new proposed laws in many states are more punitive, more people will die and many will suffer.

UURJ at MLUC believes this is a moral issue requiring UUs to put their faith into action. We do this by planning educational events, speakers, films and advocacy opportunities. We believe an interfaith response is warranted at this time to counter the religious zealots who advocate restrictive policies for families and children.

MLUC’s Unitarian Universalists for Reproductive Justice (UURJ) Planning Team and many MLUC volunteers hosted the Spring Into Action for Reproductive Justice event on April 29, 2023. Many thanks to all who contributed to this fun and educational event!

To expand on the power of all the information and resources provided that day, a UURJ Resource Guide is now available for download (Click here to access the Guide.)  The Guide includes: Reproductive Justice Defined, How to Reach Out to Elected Officials, PA Women’s Health Caucus Priorities 2023-24, Talking About Abortion, Books Unbanned Initiative, Period Poverty, U.S. Abortion Policies and Access After Roe, Postcard Advocacy and more. It was developed and curated by Dana Wiley, with major contributions and editing by Judy Wilson, and final editing by Debby Smith.

PLEASE JOIN US!  Our advocacy work is done in conjunction with UU Justice PA’s Reproductive Justice Team  (www.uujusticepa.org).

Contact UURJ at MLUC’s Planning Team at: reproductive-justice@mluc.org

Judy Wilson, co-chair; Dana Wiley, co-chair; Debby Smith, Eileen Andrews, Ruth Bowen, Liz Martin, and Anne Hummer

**The definition and concept of Reproductive Justice was developed by a collective of women of color called “SisterSong.” Here’s a video of Loretta J. Ross, a member of SisterSong, explaining the concept.