UURJ (UUs for Reproductive Justice) at MLUC.
Reproductive Justice is the right:
  • to have or not have children;
  • to raise your children in a safe and healthy environment;
  • and to express your sexuality without fear of oppression.
Many people do not have these most basic of human rights.
Reproductive Justice addresses these inequities and believes these rights should not be determined by your race, religion, gender, income or sexuality. Reproductive Justice has never been more at risk than it is now with nationwide legislation introduced daily to curtail those rights.
UURJ at MLUC believes this is a moral issue requiring UUs to put their faith into action. We do this by planning educational events, speakers, films and advocacy opportunities.

Our advocacy work is done with UUPLAN’s  Reproductive Justice Team (www.uujusticepa.org).

Please join us. Contact UURJ co-chairs:

 Caroline Williston, carolinewilliston@gmail.com or Judy Wilson, j4ewilson@gmail.com