Before you start teaching/helping:

  1. Review the Safe Congregations Policies & Procedures
  2. Obtain all three required PA clearances and turn the results in to us.  You may already have these from volunteering or working in another setting with children.  If so, they are valid for 5 years and you can simply provide us with copies.  If you don’t have them, or they have expired, complete directions on how to obtain them are here.  Sometimes, it takes a few weeks to get results.  It is okay to start teaching/helping before the results come in as long as you’ve started the process.
  3. If you expect that you may need to drive children/youth for a field trip, complete the Driver Information & Agreement form.  This will require uploading proof of insurance and pulling your 3 year Individual Driver Record here.
  4. Make sure that you can log in to Breeze, our church database, so that you will be prepared to take attendance here: You may already have an account; if not, you will receive an email giving you your username and password; use those to log in prior to teaching or helping. You can also see your class roster by clicking on the “Tags” menu item at the top of the page, and selecting your class section.

Planning Resources:

Find your teaching/helping schedule here: You can take yourself off the schedule, add yourself to an open slot, initiate a trade with another teacher/helper, or just check what the upcoming schedule is.  You will receive email (or text if you enable that) reminders on Fridays before your Sunday commitments.

Review these helpful Classroom Management Resources!

Find your curriculum & curriculum schedules here:

To get reimbursed for purchasing supplies, fill out this form.