Search Begins for MLUC Assistant Minister for Congregational Life

Search Begins for MLUC Assistant Minister for Congregational Life

An announcement from the MLUC Board of Trustees

Dear MLUC Members and Friends,


We recently announced the decision to hire a full-time Assistant Minister for Congregational Life.


The Assistant Minister will lead the Congregational Caring Ministry to provide a sustaining ministry of hope and caring. In collaboration with Rev John, the Pastoral Care Associates, and the broader MLUC community, the Assistant Minister will expand our ministry of compassionate listening and caring presence to ensure those in need of healing, accompaniment, and support have opportunities for connection when it is needed. The goal is to serve and strengthen our beloved community with pastoral counseling and spiritual guidance as well as referrals to community resources for ongoing support.


The Assistant Minister will report to Rev John and work with staff and ministry teams to provide leadership and support for MLUC member care and relationship development.  While the primary portfolio area will be Caring (formerly known as pastoral care), the Assistant Minister will also have other responsibilities with membership development and worship as determined by Rev John.


This position will be a contract minister, hired by the Board of Trustees. To conduct the search for the Assistant Minister, the Board has established a search team:  Nini Ingersoll, Lloyd Cole, Nancy McDowell and Mia Carpiniello. This team will work with the UUA Transitions Office and do the work of interviewing and evaluating candidates for our church and making a recommendation to hire to the Board. Staff and Board leadership will participate separately in the interview process for considered candidates as input to the search team’s discernment. The team will also meet with Anne Baer Clark and her Pastoral Care Team for perspective and understanding of the recent program, and with other congregants as part of their discernment before making their recommendation to the Board.


The contract minister search-to-hire timeline is more flexible than the settled search. While we are hopeful that we will have interested candidates applying early this spring, we will see how the timeline and a likely start-date unfolds based on the ministerial pool.


Yours in faith,

MLUC Board of Trustees