MLUC Music Program

Our music program is led by Dr. Vincent Craig. Music at our Sunday services enhances the worship experience while exploring many genres ranging from traditional classical music to jazz, folk music, world music, klezmer, and rock. Many members of our congregation participate in the Sunday morning worship services as soloists, both instrumental and vocal. There are also local guest musicians such as the members of the Philadelphia Trio, and the faculty and students from area colleges and universities.


Please Note: Until the pandemic conditions have eased enough to permit group singing indoors, choir performances have been suspended. We look forward to their resuming sometime in 2022.

We have several volunteer choirs that participate in the worship services throughout the year:

The Adult Choir sings on two Sundays each month from September through mid-June, with rehearsals on Thursday evenings. Each year Music Sunday features the choir, with orchestral accompaniment, in a large-scale work. In recent years for this occasion the choir has performed music by Antonio Vivaldi, Henry Purcell, and Franz Schubert.

The Men’s Choir sings at Sunday services two or three times each year and rehearses on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings leading up to these performances.

Our Multigenerational Choir, which features church members of all ages, also sings a few times each year. Like the Men’s Choir, they rehearse in advance of these performances, not year-round. The Multigenerational Choir rehearses on Sundays after the service.

Betsy’s Bells, our multigenerational handbell choir, usually performs at our 4:00 p.m. Christmas Eve service and on other occasions. No previous experience is necessary, only the ability to read music.