Serving as part of our Sunday Morning hospitality crew is a great way to be of service to the church and meet people.

These are all relatively easy tasks and you can choose when and how often you want to help by just signing up for those days when you want to serve. You need little or no training for these but they all make our church a much more welcoming place.


Be a Greeter

Around 30 minutes before the service starts, you stand by an entrance and welcome people who arrive. Since the front doors can be heavy for many people its always helpful if you can hold open the door for people who may need it.

If an attendee is new to the church, they might have questions such as Where is the service? or Where are the bathrooms? That’s all there is to it. If you have questions you can always ask the people at the Welcome Table.

To volunteer to be a Greeter, click here Greeter Signup.

Be a Green Striper

After the service, you assist the staff in keeping the coffee and snack table stocked with whatever is available that day. There may be a small amount of cleanup needed. Sometimes coffee is served both inside and outside, weather permitting.
To volunteer to be a Green Striper, click here Green Striper Signup.

Be an Usher

Ushers have several responsibilities. They greet people and hand out the Orders of Service at the entrance to the Main Meeting Room as the service begins. Sometimes they help latecomers enter and find a seat.

During the service, ushers pass the basket during the offering and will count the collected checks and cash and put them in the safe in the office.
To volunteer to be an usher, click here Usher Signup.

Bring Snacks

Bring the snacks! The food served with coffee after the service is provided by volunteers. It can be as simple as a box of cookies or donut holes or as complex and delicious as you wish. No one will judge your food and everyone will be grateful.
To volunteer to bring snacks, click here Snack Signup.