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Together we transform lives, through love, service, and our welcoming faith.

Current Time

Beginning June 13 we are holding services in the Main Meeting Room of our church building. We will also continue to stream the full service below. The Zoom links for for Sunday morning meetings that are still happening online are listed below. Other events are listed in the church’s calendar.

Coffee hour is now being held at the church and will not be available online for the forseeable future.

July 25, 2021


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8:30 am Meditation 1

This Sunday we will explore Compassion as a widening circle. We will listen to a talk by Tara Brach and participate in a short-guided meditation. As always, our program begins with a brief centering and introductions followed by our topic, discussion, and a longer 20 minute silent meditation. All are welcome – beginning and experienced meditators, church members and guests.

AND – Please join us in person in the MLUC McGinnis Room at 8:30am for a true meet and greet or, if you prefer the comfort of your own home, you can join us as usual on Zoom.

Facilitated by Katrina Ogilby

Zoom Meeting ID: 601 899 861

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11:30am, Meditation 2

New participants from the church and the larger community are welcome. This group is open to everyone, beginners and experienced meditators alike. We gather, greet each other, and take a few minutes to center ourselves. Then we share a short reading to enhance our practice and sit for 20 minutes. At the end, we share any insights, experiences, or concerns.
Zoom Meeting ID: 837 1163 1528


  • To join a Zoom meeting with a computer, just click on the “Zoom Meeting link” above. If you are asked for a password, enter 816.
  • To join with a smartphone or tablet, download the Zoom app and use the meeting ID displayed above. If you are asked for a password, enter 816.
  • To join, audio only, with a regular phone, dial 929-436-2866 and enter the meeting ID when prompted.

Detailed Zoom instructions can be found here including a tutorial video.