Legacy and Endowment Committee

The MLUC Endowment is a fund established to support the mission and work of MLUC primarily focused on the future, including growth of Unitarian Universalism in general. The Endowment also can provide a source of funds for unforeseen major expenses beyond those covered by the “capital replacement reserve fund” which was part of the Capital Campaign.

The Endowment is primarily funded by “Legacy” gifts from the congregation in the form of transferred assets (cash, stocks, bonds, etc.) and bequests in wills, charitable remainder and other trusts, charitable gift annuities and assignment of life insurance and retirement plans. If you would like to join our Legacy Circle, you can use this form to declare your intent to leave a legacy gift to MLUC.

The responsibility of the Legacy and Endowment Committee (L&EC) is to generate charitable and legacy gifts for MLUC from the membership and to invest the funds conservatively for preservation of capital with modest growth in accordance with the Endowment Fund Resolution.  This Resolution was developed jointly with the Board of Trustees to establish guidelines for Fund Endowment investing and authorized categories of Endowment use.

The current members of the L&EC is Ron Rose (chair), Carolyn Jaeger , Cynthia Corboy, Marlies Singh (BOT Liasion)