Jay Wiley

This Morning many of us gathered in the Main Meeting Room to honor a member, Don Smith, who passed away earlier this Summer. The service was overseen by long time member and now UU Minister Andrew Weber, Andrew’s parents Barbara and Frank were also in attendance. It was so moving, warm, connected. A powerful reminder of why we continue being part of this most amazing worship community. John Smith gave a remembrance of his dear friend and fellow congregant in remarks and antidotes that stirred the soul. It was so deeply moving, you couldn’t help but be deeply touched.

As I sat with my fellow members and guests who attended I reflected on all of the times that we’ve all spent in the MMR, as John asked us to recall. The Naming ceremonies of young babies, the Coming of Age Bridging Ceremonies from youth to young adults. Unions, weddings, and yes, sadly, memorials to our dearly departed members who we hold so close. It gives us all a chance to quietly reflect on our own mortality and remember how finite our time is here. It’s up to each of us to keep the values we hold close, to stay in the moment, to not allow petty grievances to cloud our purpose.

It was so powerful. I am deep indebted to my extended family at MLUC for all that you’ve given me, and hope to be able to return that gift in many ways. I look forward to the coming church year and reconnecting with folks who’ve been away for the summer; we have so much to be thankful for! Blessing to you all.” -Jay Wiley