Speaker: Rev. David H. Messner

The Farthest Reaches

What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home? How did you know it? What did it
do for you? This is a Sunday for the travelers of the heart.

Working Around the Mountain

We all are competent people with good intentions, who I suspect nonetheless let some of our habits inadvertently produce dangerous mountains. We need to pay attention to the whole of what our daily practices yield . . .

Heal Thyself

We have tools to heal ourselves. But, you need to know what ails you to take on what cures you.


Time for All Ages

Everything Counts

We wake up every day and try our best to do the right thing, to make a difference, and to not give up. There are moments we might wonder whether it all counts for something. This is a Sunday to wake up and to feel … read more.

Christmas Eve Services

At 5m, a multigenerational worship service featuring a pageant and,

at 7pm, a traditional Christmas Eve service featuring handbells, carols, and candlelight.

Both are in-person and also online. Click on either link at 5pm or 7pm.

5pm Pageant

7pm Traditional Christmas Service