Speaker: Rev. Libby Smith

Making Other Plans

Life can be full of uncertainies, but it’s going to occur anyway.

Music: Students of Rock to the Future


Correction: The quote Rev. Smith uses at 2:40 was written by Emily Hilburn Sell in the Editor’s Preface of Comfortable with Uncertainty.


Ultimate Optimism

Unitarian Universalism is, at its root an optimistic faith, affirming the inherent good ness of both human and divine nature. And yet, we gather on this Sunday, (nearly a full year to the day since our last in-person service) still struggling with a global pandemic … read more.

Be Still

We tend to define ourselves and our lives by all the things we do. (And certainly there is much that needs doing.) But the dark and quiet of winter invite us to an alternative experience. Even as we feel the pull toward action, we can … read more.

A Spirituality of Gratitude

As we approach Thanksgiving, we’re expected to feel grateful. Some years that’s easy, but for many of us this year may be harder. Cultivating a sense of gratitude can be approached as a spiritual discipline, and like any discipline, it requires constant effort and practice. … read more.

Not Hell, But Hope and Courage

“Give them not Hell, but hope and courage” is a famous quotation from early Universalist minister John Murray (although it seems likely he never actually said it). So often we assume our success must come at the cost of another’s failure, but true generosity of … read more.

The Work of Our Hands

We celebrate the value of work. Work comes in many forms; and many of those forms are undervalued and underpaid. We may also lose our work, which brings it’s own challenges.

Music: Dr. Vincent Craig

Service is our Prayer

Our theologies and our spiritual practices may vary, but at the heart of our religious life is a call to serve others, a call that transcends all our differences and brings us together in a shared expresssion of faith.

Memory and Hope

On this Memorial Day weekend, we consider the power of remembering, and the hope and strength we continue to draw from those who have gone before us.


Music: Pat Jordan, soprano


Blurring the Edges

We usually praise people with a “clear vision,” and assume that we should work from an accurate analysis of ourselves and the world around us. But there may be a greater role for illusion than we generally acknowledge.

Music: Bayou Porch Rockers: Nancy Weston, accordion and … read more.

After the Fall

It takes courage to get back up after we fall down, to recover from our mistakes, to admit our failures and to try again. But we’re human – which means we have to do it all the time! So we might as well learn … read more.