Speaker: Rev. Libby Smith

Memory and Hope

On this Memorial Day weekend, we consider the power of remembering, and the hope and strength we continue to draw from those who have gone before us.


Music: Pat Jordan, soprano


Blurring the Edges

We usually praise people with a “clear vision,” and assume that we should work from an accurate analysis of ourselves and the world around us. But there may be a greater role for illusion than we generally acknowledge.

Music: Bayou Porch Rockers: Nancy Weston, accordion and … read more.

After the Fall

It takes courage to get back up after we fall down, to recover from our mistakes, to admit our failures and to try again. But we’re human – which means we have to do it all the time! So we might as well learn … read more.

Giving Voice to Love

So often, even when we see the beauty in another person, we are shy about speaking up. The radical act of expressing love and affirmation could transform our world, and ourselves.

Music: Keith Herron, trumpet