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Rolling Away the Stone

What stands in the way of our own personal resurrections?

Join us for a day full of story, song and an Easter Hat Parade.

Music: Multigenerational Choir; David Brown, violin; & Jodie Brown, piano

Journey to Wholeness

On this Palm Sunday we will explore the tragic heroism of Jesus of Nazerth as he journeys towards revoluton.

What actually did change with his last Journey to Jerusalem?


Music: MLUC Choir; Jodie Brown, piano; and Pat Nugent, double bass


To Save the World or Savor It?

In a world that is ripe with both suffering and beauty, how does one choose where to place our faith?

Do we put it into the celebratory joy of being alive or into the courageous witness of inequity and pain?

In this service, we’ll explore … read more.

What’s the Use of Praying?

What makes us unique? How does that uniqueness come together to change the world?

In this sermon Rev. John will explore how the words of Jesus can help us towards personal and collective transformation.

Music: MLUC Choir; David Brown, violin; & Jodie Brown, piano

The Farther Shore

As we celebrate the launch of our Annual Stewardship Campaign,

Rev. John will explore the vital connection between compassion and justice in our lives and our community.

Our Home and Native Land


Unitarian Universalism is alive and well North of the border! Is Canada just the United States’ hat?

Come find out from US/Canadian dual citizen, and Ministerial Intern, Caroline Bright, as she explores Canada’s complicated history around equality and equity.


Music: Jazz Sanctuary

The Justice of Love

What is the connection between justice and love?

How does our view of love change our understanding of the world in which we live?


Music: MLUC Choir; David Brown, violin; & Jodie Brown, piano

Equality and Equity

Equality is not the same thing as equity.

Rev. John will explore the difference in what some are calling the New Prophecy of a New Civil Rights Movement.


Music: Gabriel Anthony-Muhammad, tenor; & Jodie Brown, piano

The Future Is Accessible

Simple changes to the way we do things or to our physical spaces can demonstrate liberating love in action.
When we say we’re welcoming- are we?

Music: MLUC Choir; David Brown, violin; & Jodie Brown, piano