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Making the Most of Muck

All our lives have times of muck and mud, yet it is possible that out of pain and suffering, a lotus may emerge.

Rev. Karen G. Johnston is the Settled Minister at The Unitarian Society in East Brunswick, NJ. She is the founder of Date with … read more.

General Assembly Sunday Morning Worship

Join us for a communal worship experience with the General Assembly Sunday morning worship.

The highlight of today’s service was a sermon delivered by Pastor Jacqueline Duhart at the 2022 Service of the Living Tradition entitled Radicals Rise Up – NOW IS A Moment.

The complete Service of … read more.

Tangled Blessings

Our experiences in life usually don’t come to us distinctly – as joy or misery, sorrow or gladness. They come all tangled up together. Where are the blessings in our tangle and how do we celebrate them?


Time for All Ages

Always Use Your Best China

Where do you find beauty? In ancient vases displayed in museums? In distant national preserves? Perhaps beauty is written on subway walls… or is it truth? Our service will address the monthly theme of Nurturing Beauty along with the Memorial Day theme of loss and … read more.