Introducing Rev. David Messner

The Rev. David Messner will begin his two year term as our interim minister in August, 2021. He is currently concluding a 2-year interim ministry with Unitarian Church of Charleston, SC. Prior to that, he served as the settled Minister of the UU Church of Savannah, GA for 7 years.

Rev. Messner describes his theology as bringing together elements of humanism, engaged buddhism and a liberal and expansive theism.

Before his settled ministry in GA, Rev. Messner worked in business development, management, and strategy for Bausch and Lomb, Pfizer, Eisai Inc. (5 years in Tokyo, Japan), and the IRS, to name a few. His call to ministry can not be summed up by an isolated event. Rev. Messner says he “experienced significant growth in my spiritual life and my sense of faith in adulthood, particularly in my 30s and notably through some [events that] were neither educational or professional, [rather] personal and relational.” These events include falling in love with his wife, and the deaths of his parents. In his own words, ” Each of these, in their own way, left me with a visceral understanding of the presence of the divine in my life and the way that divinity is always available and has the possibility to be expressed and received. There was a moment in my life that I understood why my spiritual life mattered to me and made living, and the surrounding world, better in a real way. I also realized and claimed ownership of my own spiritual life. I felt increasingly called to share that experience and understanding with others who might find strength in it. Despite my enjoyment of secular work, a commitment to its importance (and to earning a living that gave my family security), I felt compelled to pursue my sense of spiritual calling into the world where I could be of a different kind of service to people and in a different kind of relationship with people.”

Rev. Messner will receive his doctorate in Ethics and Society from Emory University this summer. He enjoys cooking, reading, good coffee, nature, gardening, and swimming. He met his wife, Jennifer, when they were teenagers in YRUU, and have been married for 25 years. His son will start college in the fall, and his daughter will begin her first job in the fall, as well. Look for one of his animal family members in his menagerie, Harper, a Blue Heeler, in the video introduction below.

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  1. Congratulations all around! An enormous undertaking that appears to have yielded a fine result. This is an exciting time and I like the idea of MLUC being indispensable.

  2. I enjoyed you intro. and hope, and am curious to hear more. Thanks for ST rescue. Blessed are the Sea Turtles and those who rescue them. Enjoy what we hope is the Summer After Our Discontent.

  3. Welcome Reverend Dave. I like your theology and look forward to getting to know you

  4. Welcome Reverend Dave. Good to meet a fellow turtle! One of our best loves is Orton King’s turtle rescue, care, breeding and release on the NE coast of Bequia in the Caribbean. I always look forward to a stop-over and glad to lead a sailing trip to get there! anytime! Let me know when!

  5. Welcome, welcome, welcome Reverend Dave! I can’t wait to find out what changes will happen while you are here! I’m all in!

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