Interim Minister Search Team Formed

Interim Minister Search Team

The interim period following the end of one ministry and preceding the beginning of another provides the breathing space during which a congregation can review its goals, assess its programs, consider the quality of its life in common, and “tune up” for a new era. The interim period may be one or two years. The Interim Ministry Primer is a good resource for learning more about this.

The interim search team comprises three trustees: Dilip Kumar, Yasara Antar, and Craig Farr; they will select the interim minister. That search process runs from February through May and the results are typically known by the end of May or early June.

The search team would like to hear from you. They would especially like to hear your answers to these questions:

    • What issues can you identify as critical that needs to be worked on during the Interim period?
    • What is working in the congregation?
    • What would you like to see addressed?
    • Any additional thoughts?

You can write to the team at


2 Responses to “Interim Minister Search Team Formed

  1. We have a critical need to increase the quality and spiritual content of our Sunday morning services. MLUC has decreased in size – moving from 2 services to 1. Our called ministers seem to only stay 5 years. To find out what is happening and what we can do to make changes, I believe we need a comprehensive survey of all members.

  2. As a new member I feel welcome and have been invited to participate in several ministries and activities at MLUC. Coming from a Christian denomination, I find MLUC to be a refreshing change. I don’t think focusing on the size of the church is important. Continue focusing on our mission and outreach in ways that help us grow spiritually as we help each other and others within our reach.

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