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Meaning Making Circle

As the events of this week have unfolded we may have felt angry, sad, scared, and confused.  The media, pundits, and our friends and family have explored what happened and why.  But what does it mean to us?  Making meaning is a core human activity … read more.

Care, Connect, Commit

What will faith development programming for children and youth look like this fall at MLUC?

I’ve been asking myself that with varying degrees of curiosity, despair, and determination for months.  Luckily, I do not have to figure out the answers all by myself!  In August we … read more.

May Packet – Teacher Appreciation Packets

Starting in May, each family registered for Faith Development will receive a monthly activity packet.  This month’s packet includes stamped, addressed thank-you cards for each teacher who taught each child in the family!

Here’s the instructions:


Happy Earth Day!

Although we encourage everyone to participate via Zoom because personal connection is important, we are also making the materials from each week’s family faith development meeting available to families for home use!

Do you all know what Earth Day is? And what it’s for? [Allow kids … read more.