I Spy … Principles With My Little Eye

Although we encourage everyone to participate via Zoom because personal connection is important, we are also making the materials from each week’s family faith development meeting available to families for home use!

This week’s class was geared to be mostly check-in and a game.  We did coordinate the game with our UU Principles.

Dawn Star sang this version:

One: Each person is worthwhile.
Two: Be kind in all you do.
Three: We help each other learn.
Four: And search for what is true.
Five: All people have a say.
Six: Work for a peaceful world.
Seven: The web of life’s the way,
That will bring us back to me and U.U…

to the tune of Do Re Me

And we reviewed this Rainbow Version:

And then we played.  If you are reviewing this at home, play I Spy in rainbow order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).  If your kids are older, you could play a more sophisticated version where the thing you spy is something that reminds you of Respect, Offering Fair Treatment, Yearning, etc.