Planning For Our Future, Board of Trustees Three Questions


As we plan for our future each year, the MLUC Board of Trustees establishes Three Open Questions to facilitate an annual conversation with our congregants. A variety of engagement activities will be held throughout the remainder of the church year to answer these open questions.

March focus groups will be scheduled March 14 through March 28 sponsored by the Committee on Ministerial Health (ComH).  Please email by February 28 to participate.

The 2020-21 Three Open Questions are:

  1. As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, what will MLUC look like as a church?
    • Actively assess what we are learning during this time
    • Gather data from the wider religious world
  2. What does it mean to be a 21st century church for all ages especially for families with children and young adults?
  3. What approach to social action will best serve MLUC’s ministry in our communities?
    • What is the purpose of MLUC’s social action work?
      • To foster active citizenship?
      • To advance MLUC’s social justice values?
      • To support our members’ social action interests?
      • To foster connections among volunteers?
      • To build relationships with others in the community?
    • What structure and emphasis will best serve the purposes we choose?


One Response to “Planning For Our Future, Board of Trustees Three Questions

  1. As a long time (30+ yrs) of MLUC, my activities and involvement have varied and evolved. I’m willing to help explore the future evolution of MLUC as a church for all ages and diverse points of view. A variety of social action approaches and actions within the congregation should be possible in keeping with our faith aspirations.

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