A Celebration of the Life of Mimi Collins

Since the pandemic will not allow us to meet in person, please join the family and friends of our beloved Mimi Collins to share memories and reflections of her life via Zoom on Sunday, Nov. 1st, 2-3:00.

Join Zoom Meeting:
https://zoom.us/j/99709643798    Passcode: 840557

Meeting ID: 997 0964 3798
Passcode: 840557

Invitation and Information from Ian Blasco

In terms of the program itself, we will begin by playing a short tribute video that was put together by our friends at the Main Line Unitarian Church that includes footage from the burial of her ashes earlier today.  After that, Trevor and I will each say a few words of tribute for my mother and we will turn it over to Neal (our Church minister) to say a few words as well.

At that point, we will open it up for others to share any comments they wish to make in the following order:

  • Family
  • Former Student Health colleagues
  • Former UPenn colleagues
  • Cosmopolitan Club colleagues
  • Bryn Mawr colleagues
  • Church friends
  • Other friends

We are not quite sure how big the group will be and were advised that going by group could help keep the overall session organized.

Once everyone has had a chance to speak, we will end by sharing a video memorial with photos from her life.

As we all know, Zoom calls can sometimes experience technical issues due to bandwidth constraints.  This is especially true with larger groups (and even more true when playing video over zoom).  Please bear with us.  In a worst case (i.e. we are unable to get the videos to play well), we have included video links below to the two videos so you can access them before or after the service if you wish.

Here are the two videos:

The Church Tribute Video

The Family Photo Memorial

Thanks everyone for your time.  It means so much to us that you will all be able to join us.  Also, please feel free to forward this email as you see fit.  As we all know, my mother was known by many and touched many lives.  She would never want anyone to feel excluded.




Ian Blasco <iblasco@twosigmaimpact.com>



5 Responses to “A Celebration of the Life of Mimi Collins

  1. What a joy to see Mimi when our paths crossed. Her intellectual curiosity always excites me and indeed without her invitation I would not have experienced Cuba with the MLUC and had the opportunity to have been embraced by the members of the congregation who joined forces to connect with Cubans as we did . I last saw her some time ago working out at the gym and whenever we connected it was a joy. She will be missed by all who were fortunate enough to have her in their lives.

  2. This video tribute is so lovely and shows the amazing breadth of Mimi’s activities and interests, with family and Luis taking first place always. Mimi was an inspiration to me, her boundless energy in spite of serious health limitations, her devotion to so many worthwhile interests, and her pure love of life.

  3. What an inspiration her life is and I only wish i had known her more.
    she certainly had a zest for living and helping others. Her love for her family is apparent in all the pictures She will be missed by me and all those that knew her.

  4. A life lived to the fullest..She was so modest about her accomplishments. One could only sense her love and interest in others.

  5. I met Mimi in the late 1990’s at MLUC social action gatherings and was impressed by her energy and enthusiasm for latin-American advocacy work. Her effervescent nature certainly drew attention of all UUs to support her work, I wish I had had the energy and time to join her in her impactful endeavors. She was a very uplifting human–we will all miss her greatly.

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