You Are Invited: Rain Garden Planting Project

Saturday, June 18, 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.: Rain Garden Planting Project

On Saturday, June 18, please join members of the MLUC Environmental Justice team to work with the Darby Creek Valley Association to plant a rain garden. Adults, kids, whole families—everyone is welcome!

This planting will take place at 901 Shadeland Avenue, Drexel Hill. Please e-mail Terry Dixon to let him know that you plan to participate or to ask for more information.

We are the Darby Creek watershed. MLUC and the places where many of us live are located in the watershed. And what we do—or don’t do—upstream has direct impacts along its entire course.

Most important, the effective use of rain gardens in upstream areas can help mitigate flooding in downstream communities, such as frequently happens in less affluent neighborhoods like Eastwick. Is this the complete solution to environmental and racial justice issues in places like Eastwick? Absolutely not. But it is something practical we can do!

For more information on the environmental benefits of rain gardens, please check out the DCVA’s website.