Valentine’s Day at Pocopson Home

Dear friends,
Today was a rainy, dreary day. I go to the Chester County home for the aged in Pocopson and we usually have a morning and afternoon group. Today we combined two groups into one and we had about 37 men and women plus staff. The main event of the group were individual paper bags that contained lipstick, nail polish, writing paper, pens, and pencils, costume jewelry, lotion and perfume.

But the best parts of the gifts were cards that Dawn Star and the MLUC children’s group signed and enclosed in the paper bags, together with a picture of the children putting the little bags together. Also each child signed the card with their name on it and wrote a little note.

I have to tell you that with all of the disgusting things going on in Washington, today was a very happy and beautiful day for all these wonderful senior citizens at Pocopson. Laughter and tears flowed. Many of these sweet people never receive a visitor and they loved the pictures of the children. It was a happy day indeed. I think we sometimes forget that at every age we want to be acknowledged and love to. So mluc moms and dads, your children spread a lot of caring to wonderful people who rarely get it.