Stone Soup for the Soul

In the service on March 29, 2020, Rev. Neal told the story of Stone Soup.  In the Faith Development meeting, we are reflecting on the following wondering questions:

  • Why didn’t the people in the village want to share at first?
  • How did they feel about it afterwards?
  • Have you had a time when you didn’t feel like you had enough of something and didn’t want to share it?
  • A time when you knew you had enough and did or didn’t want to share it?
  • A time when you didn’t have enough but shared anyway?

We couldn’t make real Stone Soup over Zoom. In the story, the person who started the Stone Soup was hungry. They wanted to be filled up. We can feel hungry and empty in our bellies but we can also feel hungry and empty in our hearts or our spirits. Food fills up our bellies – what fills up our hearts or spirits?  For many people, beautiful things, good feelings, connection to other people and the natural world or a higher power, art, music, creativity etc. fill up their hearts and spirits.

If you’d like to share something that fills up your heart or spirit, email .

Here’s a screenshot of what people shared in our Zoom meeting: