Speaker: Rev. Christine Robinson

Meet the Transcendentalists

Many of us were introduced to Transcendentalism in American Literature, in the study of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. Did you know that they were Unitarians and that Transcendentalism is one of the foundational philosophies of our faith?


No Planet “B”

Earth Day is our annual reminder to love our blue-green spaceship, and a call to keep her functioning well becasue, well, there’s no alternative!


Music: David Cullen, guitar



Doubter’s Easter

The Sunday after Easter is the day the story of Doubting Thomas is told in tradiational Christian Churches. We UUs have a different take!

Music: Brent Behrenshausen, marimba




Before we enjoy the triumph of Easter, let’s go back and look at the lessons of failure which are also a part of the story. Join Rev. Christine Robinson and the youth of MLUC.



Full Service

Meet the Universalists

This is the second sermon helping us understand the two theologies and two philosophies which have most molded Unitarian Universalism.

Music: Brian Collins (singer/songwriter)



Culture Change

We are a part of a deep culture, and we swim so deep in it that we mostly forget that it is there. It’s changing to be more inclusive, a goal most liberals applaud, but those changes mean re-thinking some things, espcially about the power … read more.

Meet the Unitarians

Our faith has developed with reference to two theologies: Unitarianism and Universalism, and two Philosophies: Transcendentalism and Humanism. This is the first of four sermons to help us understand our roots.

Music: Dr. Vincent Craig




Wikipedia, the user-created, on-line encyclopedia, turned 20 years old a couple of weeks back. It is one of the more successful of the information-sharing experiments that are so profoundly affecting our lives. Turns out that in a lot of ways, Wikipedia is like Unitarian Universalism, … read more.