Speaker: Rev. Christine Robinson

Saying Goodbye

This will be my last sermon with you, and I want to say a good, goodbye…becase I’ve learned over the years that my peace of mind and yours will benefit. Also because saying goodbye is a skill that we practice on the small stuff … read more.

On Being Perfect

Being Perfect is a way oversold virtue, causing anxiety, rigidity, and misery in those who attempt it. Thinking that any human being or institution ought to be perfect is a terrible dead end!





One of the things we celebrate on July 4th is the courage of the founders and footsoldiers who gave us this nation and its democracy. All very well, but that’s just the most visible sort of courage, and perhaps not the kind that will … read more.


There’s a good reason this topic just won’t go away and can’t get solved; it involves a clash of two fundamental human rights. Understanding this is crucial to any hope we might have of civic peace and social justice.


Spirituality Without God

Although many UU’s believe in some sort of divinity, many don’t, and those folks are often confused or even annoyed by all things “spirituality”. But Spirituality, properly though of, is a human trait, and a church, pretty much by definition, a place to cultivate it. … read more.

The Diversity Which Unites Us

Human Beings are hard wired to like people who are just like they are and think just like they do. We grow into appreciation of the spice of variety and the challenge of living comfortable and justly with differences. How does that work in a … read more.

Meet the Transcendentalists

Many of us were introduced to Transcendentalism in American Literature, in the study of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. Did you know that they were Unitarians and that Transcendentalism is one of the foundational philosophies of our faith?

Music: Dr. Vincent Craig



No Planet “B”

Earth Day is our annual reminder to love our blue-green spaceship, and a call to keep her functioning well becasue, well, there’s no alternative!

Music: David Cullen, guitar