Running for Board of Trustees 2020-2023 – Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar has been nominated by the Nominating Committee to run for Trustee. If you support Dilip’s candidacy, please enter your name and email below and click submit. You must be a member of the church to sign a nominating petition.

Dilip has been a MLUC member for almost 4 years. Even though Dilip became a Unitarian officially 4 years ago, he has always been a Unitarian – following aspects of Hinduism and Buddhism that align with Unitarian principles. Inspired by our Mission, “Together, we transform lives thru love, service, and our welcoming faith”, Dilip has volunteered with IHN and has been active in MLUC Social Justice work (as a Volunteer at and coordinating MLUC activities for the Norristown Hospitality Center). He is active on other teams too, especially the Environmental Justice team. In addition, Dilip was a “Coming of Age” teacher last year for the MLUC youth program.

Dilip has a PhD in Aerospace Engineering and an Executive MBA. He uses his managerial and organization skills in supporting the work of social and religious organizations while trying to convey to the privileged a sense of social awareness for, and obligation to, the less fortunate. Dilip is active in a Seattle based organization that works with NGOs in India to bring sustainable programs to help the poor.

When not busy at MLUC, Dilip likes to travel, watch Bollywood movies, and visit with friends. His favorite past time is to have a late-night session with friends over a few drinks while trying to solve the world’s problems. Sometimes, it appears that a problem has been solved, but alas when he wakes up, he realizes that the problem still exists. Being an optimist that just provides impetus for the next session.