Raising the Bar: MLUC’s Stewardship Campaign

Exciting plans are under way for this spring’s annual stewardship campaign. As you know, the stewardship campaign underwrites MLUC’s annual budget. Congregational support of the campaign defines the breadth of programs and services available to all of us in the coming fiscal year. The success of the 2020 campaign will enable MLUC to continue to provide the rich tapestry of sermons, programs, and social action initiatives that inspire, support, and connect us in our search for a meaningful, impactful life centered on UU values. And it may enable us to do more.

This year your Board of Trustees has set its sights on “RAISING THE BAR,” signaling there will be an important difference in the 2020 campaign. Thanks to a challenge from generous congregants who will match dollar-for-dollar a new pledge or an increase in a current pledge, we are seeking the means to increase the impact of our social justice efforts in collaboration with UUPlan and other organizations, to offer new programs to respond to congregants’ needs and interests and to expand our communication and outreach services.

We believe it’s within our reach. There is no question it will be worthwhile. Please stay tuned.

Carloyn Jaeger, Trustee