Power and Internet Outage at MLUC

Last week the church lost a tree during the windstorm. The tree fall resulted in a loss of power (since restored) and a loss of internet (still out).





The tree was located close to S Valley Forge Rd at the edge of the upper parking lot. It fell across the road blocking traffic in both directions.






It took out power wires and phone wires starting from the edge of driveway and continuing past our Wayside Pulpit. These pictures taken after the road was cleared for traffic.


Particularly interesting was the transformation of the metal cable used to brace the poles into what appear to be ramen noodles. That required some considerable force. Verizon reviewed the situation in the morning on June 8th. Repairs have not yet been scheduled.

However life goes on. And on this same day, graduates of Saint David’s Nursery School had their long awaited graduation ceremony while driving past their teachers assembled in our parking lot.