May this light transform our lives

These are the chalice lighting words I use when I lead a class with our children from church.  They are based on our MLUC mission statement:

May this light transform our lives,

Reminding us of how much we are loved

Inspiring us to serve the world

And welcoming us to this circle of faith.

We are being transformed right now whether we like it or not.  Our lives are being changed by forces outside of our control. That can feel scary (or sometimes, for some people, exciting.)  We also get to choose: will we transform from within in response to the transformation from without? And how? Some days that choice will feel too hard.  That’s okay. This transformation isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

You are loved, you are loved, you are loved.  Remember that. Then remember you love people, you love the earth, you love yourself.  There is more love than you can possibly know or imagine.

Look for the helpers and be the helpers.  Luckily, during this time absolutely everybody gets to be a helper.  Sitting on your couch is being a helper. Playing at home is being a helper.  So are a lot of other things. Use whatever resources you have to help in whatever ways you can find.  More will become apparent as time goes on.

We are holding ‘open’ the ‘doors’ of the church.  Our goal right now is to keep lines of communication and connection open so that when you need us or want each other, you know how to find us and each other.  If you don’t know how to stay connected, write an email or pick up the phone and we will help.