A minister I used to work with used these words in every child dedication he led:

We wish for you a love of life and a life of wonder.
May you find love and peace and wisdom, and may you know yourself.

How are you, how is your living, held up to these words this month?  When and how do you feel a love for life? Can you (or can you not) find the wonder in your life?  Are there moments when you find love? Peace? Wisdom? How well do you know yourself?

There are many ways to explore these questions.  Sometimes we’re ready to do that exploring, other times we are too overwhelmed to look at them at all.  One of the things church is for is to open up space for these explorations. Think about whether you may want to join us to do some of that questioning and answering for yourself.  Or come and simply be for a time, letting the questions float and wait; they’ll still be there when you have rested. See you soon!

       Dawn Star