News from the Board April 1, 2020

The MLUC Board of Trustees hope that our congregants and their families are doing well in this challenging time. We also hope that you are able to take advantage of the MLUC online offerings to keep our community connected, including our Sunday morning services, daily ... read more.

Open Ended Questions February 27, 2020

At that end of January, the Board of Trustees hosted a soup luncheon to discuss how MLUC fosters spiritual growth and fulfillment. It was great opportunity to hear small groups with new members, nonmembers and long-standing members, together expressing ways we perceive spirituality and opportunities ... read more.

Raising the Bar: MLUC’s Stewardship Campaign January 27, 2020

Exciting plans are under way for this spring’s annual stewardship campaign. As you know, the stewardship campaign underwrites MLUC’s annual budget. Congregational support of the campaign defines the breadth of programs and services available to all of us in the coming fiscal year. The success ... read more.

What Makes MLUC Unique? January 1, 2020

What makes MLUC unique that both draws people in and transforms lives? How does MLUC foster spiritual growth and fulfillment? These are some of the questions the Board of Trustees have been discussing at our recent meetings. Each June, at our annual retreat, we decide ... read more.