Afghan Refugee Family Update

Everyone’s anxious to have some good news about our Afghan refugee family.  And because “everyone” includes MLUC volunteers and donators…Nationalities Service Center staff…apartment realtors…and the refugees themselves, we’re moving ahead slowly but surely.  NSC gives every family the chance to visit their potential new home and be part of the decision.  Some refugees opt to relocate to NE Philadelphia with its established Afghan community.  Similarly, one family with limited English recently met with us, but chose to move out of the area, closer to extended kin.

Our mutually beneficial goal is to find refugees who will fit well with the Main Line.  One restriction is family size, since the two-bedroom apartment we’ve found is limited to two children.  We will continue to work with NSC to identify a family that will be happy here and able to take advantage of opportunities as they begin their new American life with us.

Meanwhile, we will still need some additional help.  A school liaison and volunteers could interface with Wayne Elementary and the family, babysit and offer other school support.  More drivers can work with team leader Frank Weber to provide rides to doctors, shopping, etc. while the family learns about public transportation.  If you have any questions or want to pitch in, please contact coordinators Nuala Carpenter or Eileen Andrews.