14 Members Selected for Church Elected Positions

The Nominating Committee is pleased to announce 14 nominees for elected positions for the following:

Board of Trustees
Nominating Committee
Senior Minister Search Committee

The names and bios of all candidates are posted in the church Atrium and online below. Each nominee needs 20 member signatures for endorsement. Signatures can be added to the candidates’ petitions only in person. Members will vote on the candidates at the Annual Congregation Meeting on May 15.


Curt and his family began attending MLUC in 2019. Curt became a full member of the church in 2021. The mission of MLUC aligns very well with Curt’s personal beliefs and values. As Curt says, he has been a UU his whole life and just didn’t know it. He enjoys exploring and understanding different viewpoints on theology and different religions.
Curt would like to contribute more to MLUC in the role of Moderator.

Curt was assisting with the Religious Education committee and enjoys working with the youth of the church. He participates in one of the small group ministries.
Curt grew up on a 200-acre farm in Ohio. He attended the University of Michigan and earned his engineering degree in 1985. He has worked all over the world in his job with the US Army Corps of Engineers. Curt values diversity and inclusion and has experienced many cultures and customs in his travels.

Curt and his wife Karen Zamperini, along with their three children, Ian, Eva, and Lila, reside in Wayne, PA.


John and his wife Kary have been members at MLUC since 2010. They discovered MLUC after searching for a church that would give religious grounding to the family they were planning. His daughters Brigid (born in 2012) and Charlotte (born in 2014) were both dedicated at MLUC.

John became involved with Religious Education as his daughters entered the program, originally starting with pre-K, followed by a year with the 2nd-3rd Grade class. During Covid, John taught a 1st-2nd grade virtual class and has since been involved with the group Soul Matters classes, as needed.

John joined the QC2 Committee in Fall of 2018 and has served as Chair for the past year. He has also volunteered with the Interfaith Hospitality Network, along with his daughters, serving as hosts during evening dinners. John served on the Coping with Covid Committee as part of a brainstorming effort to keep the congregation engaged with the Church during Covid.

John enjoys travel with his family, craft beer tastings, and watching live music. He especially enjoys the Newport Folk Festival, where he can experience all of these in one trip.


Nina joined MLUC 7 years ago, originally attracted by its meditation group. She has been active in the meditation community and is on the meditation steering committee. She also served for three years on the Membership Committee, heading the Welcome Table for two years.

She is retired from a career as a life insurance underwriter and previously worked for many years with people with special needs. She currently volunteers at Surrey Services, driving people to appointments. Nina enjoys following the Phillies and the University of South Carolina women’s basketball team. She loves to travel with her husband, and occasionally with her two adult daughters.


Keith was born in Kansas City and moved around a lot through his twenties. Keith was able to experience a lot of different cultures, religions, and belief systems as a result.

He received a B.S. in psychology from Truman State University and MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. After their first child, Estella, was born, Keith and wife Angie (Angelica Feliciano) moved from St. Louis to Philadelphia and started building their lives here.

They joined MLUC in 2017 shortly after their third child Gigi was born. They explored several churches in search of a church community of like-minded people where they could raise their children, Estella, Alex and Gigi. For several years Keith served on the RE Committee, assisted Dawn Star and enjoyed helping with classes and social events! He also helped with the social justice committee and looks forward to helping more in that area.

Keith said, “Recently, Angie had hip surgery and I lost my father. The church was there for us more than we would have ever expected, and more than any other community we have ever been a part of. We are very grateful to all of you for that. I love the people, the church, and the beliefs that are the foundation of this great community.”

In his spare time, Keith does Brazilian jiu-jitsu, paints, drums, camps, and runs a large data science forum. Science and educating people about science is a passion of his. If you want to know more about him and his leadership style, check out his articles on Linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/keithaumiller/


Trish became a member of MLUC after moving to the area in 2015. She became a UU in 1990 while looking for a church home with her husband that aligned with their values, beliefs, and the way they wanted to raise their children.
As an elementary school teacher taking time off to raise her children, she quickly got involved in volunteering in the religious education program. After agreeing to serve as Acting Director of Religious Education (DRE) for a year, she became passionate about the work and was hired permanently as the DRE for 15 years at the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg (UCH) until moving to MLUC. In fact, her first exposure to MLUC occurred during this time when she met with staff to discuss policy governance when it was to be implemented in Harrisburg. At UCH, she served as staff liaison to the Board of Trustees during two minister sabbaticals.

Trish continues to be passionate about the Unitarian Universalist faith and its message as she strives to live by our 7 commitments. She initiated the formation of a group of people to select and install representations of our UU faith and values around the walls of MLUC. She led a discussion of the book Toxic Charity and helped develop Guidelines for Service for MLUC outreach at the minister’s request. She most recently served on the Committee of Ministry Health for 3 years (two years as “Chair”).

Trish enjoys spending time with her husband Gerry, their large extended family, gardening, walking her German Shepherd Kira, listening to books, kayaking, and trying to play golf.


Jann was introduced to Unitarian Universalism over 20 years ago by his daughter Carrie Nielsen. Since then, he has been a regular attendee and member of MLUC.

MLUC has been a family for Jann where he is a leader, member, and participant in many protest marches proudly wearing his yellow shirt; many auctions where he has been the successful bidder on many items; a teacher for several elementary classes; staffed tables and otherwise actively participated in QC2; been on the Meditation Steering Committee and led many sessions; a regular at gatherings of the Men’s Breakfast group; weeded the Memorial Garden, planted trees, and cleaned streets and wildlife areas and other activities with the Environmental Justice Team; co-led Theology Explorers; spearheaded the collection of furniture for our Afghanistan family; contributed to the Conversations on Aging discussions; a happy member of a great Small Group; facilitated and participated in the Mediation Book Group; added to the Nonfiction Book Group; and thoroughly enjoyed Services and Coffee Hours.

Jann has a PhD in pharmacology and spent his career teaching in Medical School and doing Research and Development in the pharmaceutical industry. He has partnered with the best wife in the world, Pat, for the last 50+ years. Finally, in addition to Carrie, Jann has a son, Adam, and 5 grandchildren.


Barbara came to MLUC in 2008 with her husband, Mark Chandler, and two daughters, Kyra (now 24) and Alyssa (now 20), after searching for a religious foundation for her children in a community that shared her family’s values. After visiting several other area churches, she “found” MLUC and the wonderful RE program on the invitation of a friend.

With her daughters in the RE program, Barbara became active in the youth evening programs and for eight years served on the Youth Advisory Committee in varying capacities as organizer, advisor, Dark Waters aficionado, and head of the committee.

Barbara and her family fell in love with the community experience of a church weekend at Tockwogh and the opportunity for the entire family to make connections with kids and adults of all ages. She served on the Tockwogh committee for several years and then co-led the development of the UU Community Weekend (Camp Canadensis) for three years to encourage inter-generational community within MLUC.

Barbara has served on the worship committee, the St. David’s Nursery School Committee, and the auction committee. Most recently she has been helping at the Welcome Desk each Sunday, very involved supporting the Afghan family and their employment, and serving on the Nominating Committee.

Barbara enjoys travel, group games, and spending time with family and friends. She also likes to take long walks at Haverford College with her dog, Skittles.


Craig has been a member of the Main Line Unitarian Church since 1991 after moving with his wife, Linda, and son, Wil, from St. Louis, where they were active in an historic UU congregation. They chose MLUC primarily because of the church school program for their young son, Wil.

Craig began volunteering at MLUC in the RE programs as a Sunday School teacher and as a member of the Adult Education Committee. He was subsequently a youth advisor and a member of the Youth Committee, which he ultimately chaired. Coming to Philadelphia, he joined a worldwide chemical company and was fortunate to have the opportunity to create a department of toxicologists and product regulatory specialists dealing with regulations from EPA, FDA, and OSHA. Craig retired in 2008 and did consulting work for 10 years. Since retirement, Linda and Craig have traveled extensively throughout the world creating new friendships and memories.
Craig recently finished serving on the MLUC Board of Trustees, where he was part of a Board team that recruited our six month Temporary Minister and our current Interim Minister; he currently chairs the Interim Minister Transition Team. Craig has developed a passion for social action. He is the MLUC representative for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and is active in Racial Justice and Good Government issues. He volunteers at Norristown Hospitality Center and Planned Parenthood and is on the Board of UUH Outreach (formerly UU House).


Deirdre has been a member of MLUC for twelve years. MLUC was her first experience with a UU church.
Deirdre has served as a member of the Offering Outreach committee for nine years and has been the committee chairperson for one year. She served on the 2021 Auction Committee. Deirdre has worked as a green striper since joining MLUC and also enjoys participating in environmental justice, watershed cleanup days, and in the annual church leaf raking day. She appreciates her SGM group members and considers her SGM sessions an essential part of her monthly calendar.

Deirdre earned a Masters in Social Work from Bryn Mawr College and worked for Children and Youth Services of Delaware County, the child protection agency for the county, for 41 years in various capacities. For the ten years leading up to her retirement in 2020, she was Director of the agency. She also served on the board of the Pennsylvania Children and Youth Administrators. In 2021, she received a Guardian Award from Family Support Line, a local nonprofit, acknowledging her leadership and exceptional commitment to protecting vulnerable children and families.

Interested in nature and the environment, Deirdre enjoys volunteering as a community scientist, collecting data on the health of Darby Creek for the Darby Creek Valley Association and the Watershed Program at the Willistown Conservation Trust. She is a vegetable and flower gardener and loves hiking in local preserves. She lives in Newtown Square with her husband, Lloyd Cole.


JB has been an MLUC member for 22 years. Born into a non-practicing Catholic family, JB and his family—wife, Carol, and two daughters, Taylor and Vaughn—came to MLUC in search of spiritual and moral grounding when the girls were young.

Committed to this church community, JB was inspired to use his energy, professional experience, and desire to help the church community. He has held numerous roles in the church including, Youth Advisor, leader of an annual campaign, co-chair of the Capital Campaign, member of the Committee in Ministry, head of the Music Committee, and President of the Board of Trustees. He has been instrumental in initiating new projects in the church throughout the years, working closely with office staff and several Senior and Interim Ministers. He plays in “the church band”, Schrödinger’s Cats.

JB has a degree in economics and business from Lafayette College, where he played football and started his lifelong love of rugby. To stay active today, he enjoys bike riding, hiking, and swimming.
With a 30+ year career in the technology sector, his executive roles in strategy, operations, sales and marketing, and global business development provide a strong set of skills and perspective that enhance his work here at MLUC.

When not busy at MLUC, JB and his wife, Carol, enjoy biking and hiking, seeing live music, eating great food, spending time with friends, and enjoying the beach as much as possible. Traveling to see their two daughters in Brooklyn and La Clusaz, France is a joy for them, as well.


Bonnie has been a member at MLUC since 1983 — 40 years! Tom and Bonnie were looking for a spiritual home when his colleagues shared a bio of a new minister at MLUC, Brad Greeley. After attending the New UU classes with Brad they were hooked. They found a home where their two children would learn and be nurtured, and they could continue their spiritual journey. Since 1983, their lives have also been greatly enriched by the many friendships built with MLUC members.

As a young mother, Bonnie became involved with activities that the entire family would enjoy. She served as an RE teacher, was co-chair of the RE Committee and later the Youth Committee too. Bonnie also chaired the Holiday Workshop and with her husband chaired the weekend retreat at Camp Tockwogh.

As their children grew, Bonnie was able to become involved in other aspects of MLUC life. She was a member of the MLUC Board and co-chair of Stephan Pappa’s installation—an all-church reception and invitation dinner. Bonnie has coordinated social occasions too. She was a coordinator of Circle Suppers and a co-chair of Fellowship Dinners. Bonnie is also committed to social action; she served on the Social Action committee and was co-chair of the Partner Church committee.

Outside of MLUC, Bonnie took a position as a computer programmer (a woman!!) for a main frame (!!) and retired as the manager of a software support department. During career pauses to raise a family, she held numerous volunteer positions within the school and community. She continues to enjoy life out-of-doors, exercising and taking long walks on the beach.


Julia has been attending Main Line Unitarian Church her whole life. She went through the Religious Education program here and now her children are doing the same. She has previously served on the Adult Religious Education Committee and has worked in the RE class for K-1 for multiple years. Julia has served on two previous search committees, for Virginia and Dawn Star. Julia has traveled to our partner church in Várfalva, Transylvania.

Professionally Julia is a software engineer and leads a team of developers. In her spare time she co-leads a brownie troop, runs a book club, works on refinishing her basement, and enjoys camping with her family.
Julia lives in Wayne with her husband, Juan, and two elementary aged children, Jacob and Eva.



Raised UCC and unchurched most of his adult life, Alan was introduced to Unitarian Universalism at MLUC’s Pathways to Membership in 2015 and jumped right in. He was (and still is!) inspired by our loving community, which was particularly appealing as his children were aging out of their preschool, Charlestown Playhouse.

In his seven years at MLUC, Alan has taught RE in the younger grades, served three years on the Membership Committee, and served on the Stewardship Committee.
He is also a regular attendee of our Spanish Conversation group, which he considers his SGM. Most recently, he enjoyed getting to know a bunch of MLUC folks better by working with them to move furniture and supplies for Afghan refugee families.

Outside of MLUC, Alan served as the Grounds & Maintenance Chief and as a board member of Charlestown Playhouse for most of his family’s five years there. He was the Treasurer of his son’s Cub Scout pack, and is the current Treasurer on the board of the West Vincent Elementary School PTA.

When he cannot come up with an excuse to escape to Maine, Alan can often be found at his desk managing the finances and IT for a local business (with one ear on his daughter’s virtual schooling), running his son, Travis, to Odyssey of the Mind or band practices, running his daughter, Katie, to swim practice, tending the family’s thirteen chickens, or struggling not to fall too far behind in the yard and gardens.


Teresa has been a member of MLUC for 25 years, joining with her husband, Michael, when they were expecting their first child and looking for a church home. Over the years at MLUC, she has served on several committees (Worship Committee, Nominating Committee, and the Memorial Reception Committee), helped to coordinate the Children’s Choir, taught RE, and provided music for services, among other activities. MLUC has been an anchor for Teresa and her family, offering a rich web of connections across generations and support through the years.

Nearly 12 years ago, Teresa and her family moved to Singapore where she was very involved in the small UU fellowship there and got her first taste of grass-roots, living room UUism, working with a small group to create worship in each other’s homes on Sunday mornings. Later, while living in Germany, Teresa was active in the Wiesbaden UU fellowship, and its transition to Unitarian Universalists Rhein Main, independent from the umbrella of the U.S. Military Chaplaincy. During that time, she was also very involved in the wider UU community in Europe, serving as co-chair of the EUU fall retreat in Frankfurt and visiting fellowships throughout the region.
Raised in the Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden, Colorado, Teresa was active as a youth in the transition from LRY to YRUU and served twice as a youth delegate to the UUA General Assembly. When Teresa was 16, her mother was ordained as a UU minister.

In her work as a Functional Nutrition Counsellor, Teresa is very aware that the health of our minds and spirits is critical to the health of our bodies and our communities. She is delighted to be back at MLUC and is eager to get to work forging a loving, accepting, safe home for all of us, and those we have yet to meet.