MLUC Teams Up With New Day Drop-in Center to End Human Trafficking


Dc803Photo (left to right): Rev. Morgan McLean, MLUC member Trevor Drake, Katrina Wagner and Carol Metzker of New Day Drop-in Center

It is estimated that 50,000 women and children are brought to the United States for trafficking every single year. Despite these numbers, human trafficking is an issue plagued by avoidance, minimization, and victim blaming. But since its inception, The Salvation Army's New Day Drop-in Center has never turned a blind eye to women in need.

Main Line Unitarian Church Supports Positive Mentorship

Main Line Unitarian Church Supports Positive Mentorship

offering outreach

Photo: Rev. Morgan McLean (left), and church member Bonnie Bristow (right), present a donation of $1927 to The Center Foundation Program Director, Jane D. Todd, (middle).

Associate Minister, Morgan R. McLean presented a donation of $1,927 to The Center Foundation. The check, given on behalf of MLUC’s Offering Outreach program, will help the foundation continue to support Delaware County and Philadelphia area residents through mentoring.

The Center Foundation offers two mentoring programs - one supporting women in transition, and another for young parents. Program participants have access to emotional and financial support, as well as educational guidance and tutoring.

Jane D. Todd, Program Director at the Center Foundation stated, “We were excited to share our mission and mentoring work with the church. The congregation’s generous response will help support women and teen parents as they work on personal goals toward self-sufficiency. Both our Fair Chance Fund and life skills workshops will have the much-needed funding to continue to offer support for a better future to all of our participants.”

Bonnie Bristow, MLUC member who was present for the event, stressed the value and necessity of mentoring programs like The Center Foundation.

To learn more about The Center Foundation, or to make a donation, visit them online at



Partner Church Recap

Experience the Partnership

What did we do all week with our Partner Church visitors? We're glad you asked! 

Their energy and enthusiasm never flagged. They ran up the art museum steps, visited a community garden, toured Independence Park and Valley Forge Park, visited a retirement community, a farmers market, a potato chip factory, and on their last day, they saw Times Square, Wall Street, and the Statue of Liberty. 

They demonstrated traditional dances at our Multigenerational Music night, shared meals in our homes, and made new friends at a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. They tasted shrimp, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, local beers, and Chinese food.

They cheered a local high school football team to victory. They raked our leaves and planted bulbs, and they participated in our Sunday morning service. Above all, they shared their deep passion for our partnership.

Above all, they shared their deep passion for our partnership.