Questions, Compliments, Concerns (QC2)

Ever wonder who to talk to with questions, concerns, or even compliments about our church?

The Questions, Compliments, and Concerns (QC2) Committee is here for you! This 8-member committee of the board is eager to receive your verbal and written feedback. A QC2 Crew Member will be available Sunday mornings and throughout the week via phone and email to field your questions or concerns, and make sure they are addressed appropriately. Our primary goal is to provide an accessible, visible, and safe means for all MLUC stakeholders to communicate feedback so together we can build an inclusive community that encourages transparency and a diversity of viewpoints. Of course, we’d love to hear and share your compliments as well so we can all celebrate our strengths and accomplishments.

Email your questions, comments, and concerns to We’re listening!

Image: (left to right) Leanne Miller Rush, Jann Nielsen, Steven Whitt, John Heller, Dana Kelly, Assunta Becker, Patrick Wright Riley, Irene Mehnert