What does meaningful connection with the church and other members mean for you?

  • Make friends/personal connections?
  • Move forward on your inner/spiritual journey?
  • Develop skills?
  • Nurture personal growth?
  • Find fulfillment?
  • Help you feel more a part of the MLUC community?
  • Connect with social/fun activities?
  • Participate in fulfilling the MLUC mission and help build a more loving community?

Our Connections Matter team will invite you into conversations to build connection and engagement. Together let’s work to build the connections and community that will ensure a bright future for our church!  


Do you want to have a conversation?  

Send an email to with your full name and phone number and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

Do you want to participate?  

Click here to learn about all the opportunities to

  • meet people,
    • circle suppers
    • affinity groups
  • find support, or
  • be of service

Help us get to know you.

The church has a directory of members to help us reach each other. You can let us know the best ways to contact you and tell us more about yourself by updating your own entry in the directory.