It’s Rich, your Executive Director. Here to talk about the pledge campaign.

Wait. Please don’t delete this email just yet. I promise not to make you feel bad about this.

If you watched our service last Sunday, then you understand the situation and what we are asking. Please click here and make your pledge, whatever it is, for the coming church year.

If you’ve already made your pledge, thank you very much! Feel free to delete this email.

But if you didn’t watch last Sunday, please take a few minutes to sit down and watch the brief video below. It’s mostly full of good news about what the church is doing to help people stay in touch, to stay in community, with each other.

And, it’s pretty much all there will be to the pledge campaign this year. Sadly, there won’t be a party at the church this year. Of course there won’t be visits to people’s homes. No pledge campaign phone calls either.

But even without all the fanfare, we’re all counting on each other to keep the church going for the next year.

Hope to see you online soon.