We Need You

Each year, in the Spring, when church leaders are starting to make plans for next year and we begin to think about the budget for next year, we ask all of MLUC’s members and friends to also look ahead to the next church year and make a generous committment toward the cost of growing and maintaining our spiritual home.

We call this our annual Stewardship Campaign, or the Pledge Drive. Our congregation is supported primarily through the financial stewardship of its members.

We are, after a year, still a virtual church. However, the coming year brings us the promise of getting together physically at last, and rebuilding our connections with our church building and with each other, while still maintaining a virtual presence to welcome everyone who has benefitted from our new home in cyberspace. We hope you’ve taken the opportunity to talk with a focus group about the board’s open questions about the future of the church.

If you attended the service on Sunday, March 21st, you know what the year has been like for many of us, and what our hopes are for next year. If you missed it, you can still watch the entire service here. (Be sure to enjoy Vincent’s ragtime pieces and Jay Wiley’s moving photomontage during the first hymn.) Rich Fritzson’s remarks, including video comments from many congregants, are available below.

Sadly, there again won’t be a party at the church this year. And, of course there won’t be visits to people’s homes; no pledge campaign phone calls either. But even without all the fanfare, we’re all counting on each other to keep the church going for the next year.

To make your pledge, fill out the simple online pledge form here.  If you have questions, you can email our Executive Director, Rich Fritzson, at rich@mluc.org.

Hope to see you online soon.