MLUC’s Coping with COVID committee (CoCoCo) is charged with looking at how we are responding today, as well as getting ready for whatever tomorrow may bring, Coping with CoVid is concerned with some of the most fundamental issues of our congregation. 

Led by Leanne Miller-Rush (Membership chair) and Jessica Michael (Board president), this committee brings together a wide variety of perspectives within our church.

Common to all is a concern that, wherever we are headed as a community of caring, we travel there together, leaving no one behind. During these days of social distancing, the committee will work to create engagement, finding ways to keep us connected and flexible.

The team will also be looking at meaningful guidelines and best practices to make sure that beyond the pandemic, we are a stronger, more fulfilled congregation than ever before.

Among the areas where Coping with COVID will be active include:

  • Listening to members and friends through varied media, including surveys and general feedback
  • Regularly communicating through existing channels, such as E-Notes and the What’s Happening newsletter, as well as new forums, such as an MLUC web page link
  • Researching other organizations’ COVID responses and collaborating when necessary, including the UUA pandemic guidelines, government regulations and community partnership experiences      
  • Building on existing MLUC activities in a virtual environment, as well as developing new efforts in all areas of church life
  • Coordinating a broad coalition of concerns, including health, legal, economic, social, technical and spiritual issues.

Current Coping with COVID volunteers represent a spectrum of involvement, working with MLUC’s minister and staff. 

They include:

Eileen Andrews

Christine Cavalieri

Terry Dixon

Linda and Craig Farr

John Heller

Peter McDowell

Valerie Sarris

Mary Stromquist

Jay Wiley

Caroline Williston

Additional members are welcome and encouraged to join in a variety of ways, ranging from brainstorming ideas to taking on specific tasks.

COCOCO Updates


The Coping With Covid Committee and the church staff are actively working on plans for how we can gradually and safely reopen the church for in-person activities later this year. We will shortly be publishing information about our aspirations and expectations for reopening, and conducting a survey to gauge the interest of the MLUC community in participating in such activities. We urge everyone to participate in the survey.