Speaker: Rev. Dr. Nathan Walker

Religious Literacy

Religious literacy more than knowing facts or trivia about religion—it is a fundamental civic competency. Religious literacy is also a set of teachable skills, attitudes, and motivations that equip citizens with insight about how religion and spirituality inform everyday life. How might we promote religious … read more.

Transitions & Transformations

Our invited guest, the Reverend Doctor Nathan C, Walker is the community minister for religion and public life at the Church of the Larger Fellowship, executive director of 1791 Delegates, and the author of five books. He completed a research fellowship at Harvard, received his … read more.

Truth and Reconciliation

Philadelphia, Boston & San Francisco are launching Truth and Reconciliation Commissions to address the systemic racism and brutality in the policing and criminal justice systems. The model builds on the South African Commission that heard thousands of testimonies about the atrocities caused by apartheid. The … read more.

Your Hard Earned Happiness

Happiness doesn’t just happen. There strategies we can use to increase our happiness for ourselves and those around us. By drawing upon evidence-based publications in peer-reviewed medical journals, we will reflect upon the scientific study and practice of happiness. We will reflect upon the conditions … read more.