Speaker: Rev. Christine Robinson

Meet the Unitarians

Our faith has developed with reference to two theologies: Unitarianism and Universalism, and two Philosophies: Transcendentalism and Humanism. This is the first of four sermons to help us understand our roots.

Music: Dr. Vincent Craig




Wikipedia, the user-created, on-line encyclopedia, turned 20 years old a couple of weeks back. It is one of the more successful of the information-sharing experiments that are so profoundly affecting our lives. Turns out that in a lot of ways, Wikipedia is like Unitarian Universalism, … read more.


What do we need to get through all the slings and arrows of the past year? Resilience: the ability to bounce back from adversity. How do we nurture our store of this important trait?

Music: Rebecca Burns and Chris Erwin, soprano and trumpet



Speaking Truth

It was an old New England tradition for the Unitarian ministers to preach an Inauguration Sermon in the first week of a new Presidency. It’s been a long time since we could count on this wisdom actually reaching a new president, but what the heck? … read more.


As a follower of the ancient Chinese Scripture, the Tao Te Ching, I believe that change, not stasis, is the fundamental building block of our existence, and that doing the work of embracing change is the way to serenity and effectiveness in life. 2020 certainly … read more.