Speaker: Rev. Dr. Neal Jones

Neal joined Main Line Unitarian Church as Senior Minister on August 1, 2015.

A native of North Carolina, Neal earned his B.A. in political science from Wake Forest University, his M.Div. from Southeastern Theological Seminary, and his Psy.D. at Baylor University. He has served as the minister of a United Church of Christ and a Moravian church in North Carolina and of two UU congregations – the UU Fellowship of Waco, Texas, and the UU Congregation of Columbia, South Carolina. He was also the clinical psychologist of the Pastoral Counseling Center in Columbia.

Neal preaches and lives a practical spirituality that seeks personal wholeness, relational respect, social justice, and ecological responsibility.

Too Busy to Care

Our time-saving technology has created a perverse paradox: we are busier than ever! Perhaps it’s time to start practicing Sabbath.


Music: Dr. Vincent Craig


Our Best Laid Plans

We will return to the Magi in the Biblical story of Jesus’ birth, but hopefully we will not follow their example.

Music: Dr Vincent Craig


Christmas Eve Services

Two Services on Christmas Eve

4pm – a no-rehearsal Nativity Service. All are invited to help create the Nativity story and sing carols together!  Candlelit tableau at the end of the service.

6pm – a traditional Christmas service with readings, carols, candles, and the Advent Wreath.  Candlelit … read more.

Which Sign Will You Read?

Mary and Joseph were greeted with a “No Vacancy” sign when Jesus was born, yet they refused to believe it. What signs telling us who we are will we believe?


Music: MLUC Choir

Replacing Me with We

In case you haven’t noticed, our democracy is not working well these days. Indeed, our society has probably never been so polarized. Bridging the gaps between us will require a spiritual awakening which transforms us from individualists into communitarians.

A Crowded Table

Can our church be a place with crowded tables where ALL are welcome and included? This is our annual multigenerational bread communion service. We explore the metaphor of serving each other the best meal with love, service, and welcome.

Music: Multigenerational Choir


How to Love

To give and receive love is one of the goals of life for just about everyone. Yet what exactly does “love” mean? I think love is primarily a capacity which we can, with practice, cultivate and develop. This sermon will suggest how to do so.

Music: MLUC … read more.

A Lost Virtue

Every religion has taught humility as a desirable virtue, yet it is often misunderstood and denigrated in our public and even religious life today. Let’s see if we can reclaim this lost virtue.

Music: MLUC Choir