Speaker: Rev. Dr. Neal Jones

Neal joined Main Line Unitarian Church as Senior Minister on August 1, 2015.

A native of North Carolina, Neal earned his B.A. in political science from Wake Forest University, his M.Div. from Southeastern Theological Seminary, and his Psy.D. at Baylor University. He has served as the minister of a United Church of Christ and a Moravian church in North Carolina and of two UU congregations – the UU Fellowship of Waco, Texas, and the UU Congregation of Columbia, South Carolina. He was also the clinical psychologist of the Pastoral Counseling Center in Columbia.

Neal preaches and lives a practical spirituality that seeks personal wholeness, relational respect, social justice, and ecological responsibility.

From Tolerance to Appreciation

We UUs strive to be aware and inclusive of the wide diversity of people. An understanding of diverse personality types can enrich our understanding of personal and congregational wholeness.

To Love Despite All

This is a sequel to my previous sermon on empathy. Just because we may be empathetic is no guarantee that others will be. Then what?


Cultivating Empathy

We know all too well the consequences of our political polarization — the demonizing, the dismissing, the insults, the name-calling. What is lacking is empathy. But is empathy a trait you either have or not, or is it a capacity which you can cultivate?


What This Pandemic Can Teach Us

Some of life’s most valuable lessons are learned through adversity. Is there anything worthwhile to be learned from this pandemic?

Music: Liz Bligan vocals, Nathan Surles, guitar



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What is a Preacher?

A minister plays many roles, but in the UU tradition, he or she is primarily a preacher. What right, what authority, what presumptuousness sanctions me — or any person — to be a preacher?



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