Question Box Sermon

Community conversation as a basic mechanism of our evolving spiritual understanding.



2 Responses to “Question Box Sermon

  1. First of all, welcome! Now for my comment. It seemed like you began a sermon today (Aug 29) talking about being inclusive to all beliefs and nonbeliefs. But your comments following that pronouncement seemed to focus on believers, leaving out nonbelievers. I could have missed something you said that was directed toward nonbelievers. Anyway, just an observation from me.

  2. Thank you for this. I have been a member for 10 years I think, and have been quite involved. I served on the search committee when Neal was bright in, I have served on th board, and have been very involved in our meditation community. COVID has taken a toll on me. I have found it so difficult to maintain my connection, and I have really removed myself from all active roles. I think perhaps I’ve done myself a disservice, as I miss the feelings of connection that I once had. So my question would be, how do I effectively reconnect? I am not new to the church, but it feels awkward now. Where do I fit in? I am hopeful that I will find a way, and I will look for the energy that draws me back in. I feel unable to drive it, so I must watch for it, be ready to feel it. Again, thanks.

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