Quarantined: In Search of Long Distance Relationship

As I write this blurb the world is in the midst of determining the best response to COVID-19, including restricting community gatherings. The question existed before, but is now more pressing than ever: How do we keep up relationships with our partners in faith in Transylvania across geographic boundaries, or in the face of unknown threats to our own communities?

Partner Church Sunday

2 Responses to “Quarantined: In Search of Long Distance Relationship

  1. 04/01: Andrew, We are long-standing friends of Barbara and Frank, stemming primarily from MLUC PCC related related activities and trips to Varfalva. Stay well. Tom Hazzard & Gillian Backus & Timothy (9 y.o.)

  2. Andrew, I’m watching and thinking of you and all that you and Isabella have been through in recent years. Keep the children close during these times. Hugs to you both .

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