(elected by the congregation for a 3-year term starting July 2021)


During this time of transition, it’s essential to keep our institution’s fundamental groups working correctly.  Please consider recommending a friend or someone you worked with at church and who impressed you.  

The Board of Trustees (BOT) is the governance team of MLUC. It is charged with clarifying and codifying the church’s long-term vision as policy.  It then works with the executive team (led by the Senior Minister) to set goals and achieve results. The Board can also create subcommittees, such as QC2, the Committee of Ministry Health, Endowment Committee, and Coping with COVID Committee. It also oversees the church finances and assets.  For more information, see Board of Trustees.

Helpful qualifications include: enjoys visionary and policy work, open-minded, consensus builder, reliable and levelheaded, and experience on church committees.

The Committee of Ministry Health (CoMH) helps the Board of Trustees assess the ministers and congregational leaders’ efficacy in achieving their goals.  As well as gauge the mood and health of the congregation. The committee’s findings result in recommendations and reporting to the Board that helps to point out areas of success and where more work is needed. The Board presents a summary to the congregation and analyzes the work spent toward achieving the stated goals.  For more information, see Committee of Ministry Health

Helpful qualifications include: enjoys gathering and analyzing information and data, concerned about others’ spiritual wellbeing.

The Nominating Committee (NC) identifies congregants who should be considered for positions on the Board of Trustees, the Nominating Committee, the Committee of Ministry Health, the Settled Minister’s Search Committee, and Moderator.  It recruits candidates and puts their names on the ballot for congregational voting.  The committee also solicits recommendations from the congregation. For more information, see Nominating Committee

Helpful qualifications include: enjoys speaking with people, willing to call people, has a broad social network at the church.

You can submit a nomination by filling out the form below with your candidate’s name. You can check whichever committee(s) you are nominating them for.


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The Nominating Committee and your Church