Local COVID Tracking Data

This chart relies on data from the CDC tracking page.

The pink line displays the average value “cases per 100k of population” for Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties, weighted by the counties’ population.

The brown and black lines show the total number of hospitaizations and deaths in the tri county area, duing the last seven days.

The chart is updated nightly.

You can get data directly from the CDC tracking pages for each of the three counties we primarily serve, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery. There is quite a bit of useful data here. The New York Times presents similar data, on pages you can directly link to for Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties. The site COVID Act Now presents comparable information, scaled a little differently for Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties.

It is probably useful to be familiar with these tools, especially if you are planning any kind of travel, but also because as the situation evolves and new metrics become relevant, new data will likely appear here first.